Top 3 Coworking spaces in Dubai for small Business and Entrepreneurs 2022

Top Coworking Spaces in Dubai for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

As people look to do away with the traditional office space environment, co-working spaces are becoming more frequent in Dubai. If you are looking for the top coworking spaces in Dubai and wish to work independently, you’re in the right space.

You’re sure to find one that suits your needs with the number of shared workspace options available. They provide a flexible and inspiring way to work.

We’ve compiled a list of coworking spaces available in Dubai depending on location, facilities, membership fees, and community to assist you.

What Is The Best Coworking Space in Dubai?

Dubai is filled with coworking spaces, but the best one is one that will suit your needs, budget, and preferences. Downtown Dubai has fabulous community working spaces. So, if you’re looking to avoid a bustling office environment, these places suit your needs.

Let’s go through our best three shared working spaces in Dubai and see the benefits they provide:


An app that brings coworking spaces to your fingertips is Hotdesk. It is a feature-rich mobile app available on iOS and Android devices to find the best coworking spaces.

Once the app is installed, you have three options: desks, meeting rooms, and office rooms. You can choose how you want to use the facility by the hour, day, and month.


Pricing: After you update your preferences, you can easily compare your pricing plans.

A wide array of options: Hotdesk has 820 workspaces in 148 cities across the globe.

No commitment plan: Whenever you wish to book a place or desk with Hotdesk, you don’t need to worry about booking it well in advance. You can book it for an hour and be done with it.

Business Support: With Hotdesk, you have business setup partners who assist you in setting up your business in the UAE.


Hotdesk pricing plans are transparent. Once you type in your space and rent, the screen will automatically show you the money you need to pay. You can pay online or in person in cash upon arrival.

Hotdesk takes a 10% commission from the providers of shared working spaces. They don’t charge you anything for using the platform.

Bottom Line:

If you’re searching for a premium coworking space in Dubai, Hotdesk is your answer. It’s the most convenient and one of the best places to look for. It doesn’t have a space of its own but does have a connection to excellent Flexi desk or hot desk providers. Install Hotdesk now on your smartphone.

Regus: Versatile coworking space in Dubai

Regus is one of the most popular coworking space providers in 120 countries, with over 3000 locations. It has established its global presence and is a highly valued business.

Regus has office spaces, meeting rooms, and private office space with 26 locations in the UAE and 15 in Downtown Dubai.

You can kickstart your Dubai Based venture through a co-working space at Regus networking events which they frequently have.


Hotdesk App: You can opt for coworking spaces at Regus using the app from your phone without any long-term commitment.

Access to all locations: Regus lets you decide on a base location, and then you can expand your business to the UAE and other global locations to scale your business.

Regular events: Regus highly values community power. That’s why the company holds annual retreats and other events where you can network with other people from the community.

Social App: The Regus app has excellent features that you can use with the app.


You must sign a 24-month contract at Regus to book your office space at Regus. The fees will depend based on location:

Marina Gate: AED 86 per person

JAFZA View 18 & 19: AED 82 per person

Boulevard Plaza Tower 1: AED 61 per person

Mega Mall Building: AED 32 per person

The Bridge Sports City: AED 28 per person

Bottom Line:

Regus provides you with some of Dubai’s most versatile coworking space options. They have locations all around JLT, and you can find your preferred location.

AstroLabs: Coworking space with Business Services in Dubai

AstroLabs offers you business setup services in one platform. It helps members to run a business effectively. It operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Jeddah.

AstroLabs Dubai is located in the heart of JLT, a prime business hub, and a great coworking space.


Great Location: AstroLabs Dubai is within a five-minute walk from the DMCC metro station.

Business Set-up assistance: AstroLabs membership offers you a free zone license, meeting rooms, snacks, and mail handling, which cost around $8000.

Guest management: The facility has a large reception area, library, lounge, and open spaces so you can meet and greet your business clients and guests.

Business Amenities: AstroLabs provides you with lockers, WiFi, private offices, office supplies, etc.

Software access: You will get discounts on cloud services like Google, IBM, AWS, and Hubspot. When it comes to your AstroLabs membership in your business.


  • All-inclusive package: AED 2,500/month
  • 24/7 community coworking space/ office space: AED 1,500/ month
  • Moonlight after-hours: AED 750/month (available on nights and weekends)
  • AstroLabs offers you discounts if your business has more than 4 team members using the facility.

Bottom Line

AstroLabs is an ideal space to work in when you have a small team and wish to do business in Dubai over the long term. AstroLabs is super convenient, and you can book your space today with AstroLabs.


A coworking space is where people work together on independent projects. They are members of the space and can work together. There are many advantages to collaborating in the same space. You receive a sense of community, save on office rent and achieve productivity.

So there you have it, our Top three picks for the best co-working spaces in Dubai. If you are still looking for the right choice, check out the Hotdesk app for other options available and find one that best suits your needs.

What is meant by co-working space?

Described simply, a co-working space is a space designed to accommodate people from various firms or companies in one place to come to pursue their daily work. Coworking space is identified based on shared facilities, services and tools.

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