How to Set Up a Supermarket in Dubai (2022 Guide)


How To Start Supermarket business in Dubai

Having prior knowledge about setting up a business in Dubai could help you and your business.

When starting a business in Dubai, you need to get approval from the DED in Dubai.

A business plan of the company’s structure, capital investments, location, and future goals is essential to the business’s success.

Have you ever thought about starting a supermarket business here in Dubai? There are countless benefits that you can receive when you set up your supermarket business in Dubai. Especially during the pandemic, this business gained immense popularity.

If you plan on setting up a business in Dubai, this fascinating option may be for you. This guide will cover the factors you need to consider before starting a supermarket business in Dubai and the benefits you will gain once your business is set up in Dubai.

Benefits of starting a supermarket business in Dubai

Some of the profitable reasons for starting a supermarket business in Dubai include:

  • You can easily set up a supermarket in the city. The process is simple, and you don’t require expert knowledge apart from having a business license, a supplier network and an excellent location to set up.
  • Additionally obtaining a license in Dubai is extremely simple.
  • There is a constant demand for supermarkets in Dubai. This means you will experience an influx of sales with time. Food is a need for everyone, and when you have a supermarket that is available to the public, you are addressing that issue.
  • Many businesses will request you to stock their goods in your supermarket, eagerly waiting for their products to be put on the shelves.

If you wish to set up your business in Dubai, you can get in touch with business set up consultants in Dubai, like Fairway, to help you set up your supermarket in Dubai. We’ll handle everything from opening bank accounts, obtaining visas, licensing, and much more.

Factors that need to be considered when setting up your supermarket.

There are some primary things that are worth mentioning that you may want to know before starting a supermarket business in Dubai. These include:

Get Approvals

To open a supermarket business in Dubai, you need to submit the paperwork that complies with the Department of Economic Development (DED) (for the mainland), relevant authorities (for free zones) and the Dubai government’s rules and laws. The DED grants permission once all the paperwork has been completed, submitted, and examined.

Once you obtain your approval, you will get permission from the UAE government to operate your supermarket in the UAE. Until you get this permission, you will not be able to proceed with the company formation process

Business Plan

You now need to decide the company’s structure, the required capital or investment, physical location, current and future market trends, cost of the business license to obtain, and much more. You are good to go when you finish crafting your business plan and making the necessary decisions; you are good to go.

Documentation requirements

The documentation process includes trademark registration from the ministry of economy, Ejari, tenancy contract, copies of visas and passports and municipality approvals. Submit these with the application to relevant authorities. Ensure that your documents are ready and the application is error free so that there is no delay in getting your business license.

The supermarket is so essential to our everyday existence that we often take the supermarket for granted. It is the backbone of our retail sector and offers a fantastic business opportunity to those who are skilful and ambitious enough to make it work.

Supermarkets are the few businesses that thrive in economic downturns and disruption. Running a supermarket may be challenging, but obtaining a license in Dubai is simple. With the proper guidance, you can do it in a couple of days.

To ensure that your business is registered with no hassle, it’s good to work with business set-up consultants in Dubai like Fairway when establishing a new company in the UAE.

Essential Documents to start a supermarket business in the UAE

You must submit only a few documents to the DED to receive a supermarket license in Dubai. We recommend that you seek advice from local business setup consultants like Fairway to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and don’t miss out on anything. 

  1. List of goods
  2. Passport copies 
  3. Supermarket’s detailed business plan
  4. National ID card
  5. Visa copies

Here are the steps you need to set up a supermarket business in Dubai: 

Step 1: Decide on a company name. 

The first thing on your to-do list is to choose a flawless yet catchy name for the supermarket business. You will have to check the trade name restrictions and conditions issued by the government of the UAE. 

Suppose you choose an individual’s name, whether yours or your partner’s, make sure to spell the name correctly. You must register the name with the DED or any other relevant authority. Also, check if the name you choose is available for use.

Step 2: Outline Business Activities

You need to outline business activities before going ahead with any plans. 

Specify the products you will be selling at your supermarket so you can get a business license for those products. The business license allows you to sell only those licensed products and not any other. If you undertake such activities without the required license, you can be charged with a crime.

Step 3: Get the License

In Dubai, every kind of business operation requires a particular type of license. The authorities issue four business licenses to business people and entrepreneurs: industrial licenses, commercial licenses, tourism licenses, and professional licenses. 

To run a supermarket business in Dubai, you need to have a commercial license to obtain a grocery license. You aren’t allowed to sell products like cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical or herbal industries under this license. To make sure that your supermarket license is valid during the time you wish to sell, you need to make sure that you pay the license fee on time.

Step 4: Rent a physical place that’s suitable 

The next step is to find a suitable physical location to operate your supermarket business. Make sure that you have enough room for your ware and see if the place meets the government-mandated measurements and cleanliness standards, and double check the amount of room you’ll need. The size of the area depends on the products you are willing to offer and the number of employees you can hire for your supermarket. 

After renting the space, you need to get the Ejari code by registering your business with Ejari and get a lease contract, as you will need it for the future.

Step 5: Clear Your One-time charges 

You will receive a letter from the Department of Economic Development with a payment voucher. This is used to clear the government’s registration charges. Within 24 hours, you need to make the payment for your commercial license. If you fail, the authorities will cancel the license.

Step 6: Open a corporate Bank account

You can open an account in a commercial or corporate bank. This allows you to undertake all financial transactions in the comfort of your home. If you are a business visa holder or have a commercial license, then you can take advantage of the long-term incentives that the bank provides.

Step 7: Get your Visa

Submit your application so that you can get your investor visa. You can also apply for visas for your family, house workers or company employees. You can always reach out to company formation specialists like Fairway to learn more. 

The total cost to have a business set up in Dubai, specifically, a supermarket business, varies from location to location and depends on many factors. Contact us, and we will give you an estimated amount of what your supermarket business set-up will cost you in Dubai.

How to start a supermarket business in Dubai?

Decide your name for the supermarket and the list of products you would want to sell in the supermarket. To know more about how to start your supermarket business in Dubai, read the blog post on the steps you need to follow to set up your supermarket.

Is the supermarket business profitable in Dubai?

The retail sector in Dubai is a profitable business. The scale of operation makes the supermarket business a profitable one. With centralized procurement, stores can offer committed discounts to customers.

Open your Supermarket in Dubai with Fairway

We hope you have learned much about this business and the process involved. If you plan to set up your supermarket in Dubai, contact Fairway’s business set-up professionals for assistance with each step. Get in touch with us, and we will cover all your supermarket license needs.

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