Discover The Top 7 Small Business Ecommerce Website Builders For 2022

Discover The Top 7 Small Business Ecommerce Website Builders For 2022

If you wish to start your eCommerce business soon and enjoy the lifestyle of an entrepreneur with no bosses and doing things when you feel it’s the right time, then read this article to learn more.

If you research the web, you will find tons of articles that tell you it’s easy to start. But let’s not be fooled because it’s not easy. That’s why we want to make it easy for you. We have detailed a guide for you on some of the best eCommerce sites in 2022.

To make it easier for you, you need:

  • The right tools
  • Solutions to your problems
  • And Professional guidance.

That’s why our detailed guide is meant for you. There is no fluff, only information you need to know to build a successful business online.

What is the best eCommerce website builder?

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms. So, why do you need the features of the other six eCommerce platforms? Because it’s different. All entrepreneurs are not the same; everyone has a different goal, a different need, a different way of approaching things, and different passions.

The first step is to have a plan and find out if your passion is profitable or not. It should be something that gives you a sound sleep at night.

Choosing the right eCommerce platform allows you to get this while you take care of the practical stuff. Is this platform going to help my market? Does the platform allow me to personalize it to a great extent? Is it instinctual? Is it affordable? Does it have tools to promote your business through digital marketing? Does it give me access to insights and data?

When you start selling your products or services online, you need to deal with different markets, especially if you decide to sell them globally.

So, let’s get to the list……



A platform chosen by millions of established entrepreneurs, Shopify is the one-stop solution to build your business from scratch in almost 200 countries.

Shopify allows you to create a business and manage it from your mobile. You can create, store, sell, accept payments and use marketing tools while giving you complete control over the data, knowledge, support, and marketing tools.

  • Shopify is an intuitive platform that supports hundreds of customizable themes for the shop.
  • Shopify is an integrated application store where you can add extensions to your online business.
  • Shopify has online courses you can take if you need help to plan and manage your business and marketing activities.
  • Shopify has a free logo maker, a free brand name generator, and offers free service to buy the domain for your online store with unlimited hosting.
  • With Shopify, you can create an established shop on the integrated marketplace if you are more concerned with investments and management than creating a business from scratch.
  • Need any help? You can contact Shopify’s communities.
  • You can also access performance, sales, and payment data to improve your online business according to objective parameters.
  • Basic plan: $29/month;
  • Shopify plan: $79/month;
  • Advanced plan: $299/month;

50% discount available only for yearly plans.

Key Takeaways

The reason why Shopify is considered the best eCommerce site is that it has something for everyone. You can now enjoy a 14-day free trial on Shopify if you’re still unsure about it.


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WooCommerce is a plugin. It can turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce platform. It’s compatible with the popular Content Management System.

  • You can customize your online store with the help of WooCommerce extensions;
  • You can operate your store from your mobile device;
  • The marketing channels and the platform are fully customizable;
  • The platform presents a high level of automation;
  • Whether you sell digital or physical products, the platform is suitable for both.
  • It opens up a possibility to integrate local payment gateways and accounting software;
  • You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • One-month plan: $59
  • One year: $ 540
  • Two Years: $ 864
Key Takeaways

The platform is suitable for developers and those who wish complete control over their business. Hence WooCommerce experts are always recommended to help you set up your website, even if you just need the basic version.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned online entrepreneur, BigCommerce is your place to sell. BigCommerce has a strong focus on its customers and marketing strategies.

With the university, partners, and firm support, you can build a store and plan a marketing strategy across the most popular channels.

With BigCommerce, you can create customized experiences for your customers and benefit from different payment methods.

  • The platform allows you to integrate SEO and digital marketing efforts; also with marketplaces like Amazon;
  • Intuitive social media channel integrations – like Facebook and Instagram; and guidance from professionals.
  • The platform offers you pre-designed themes but also provides tools for developers and SEO experts;
  • BigCommerce is suitable for B2B and B2C commerce;
  • BigCommerce also has conversion-driven tools that allow you to turn visitors into buyers;
  • You have full access to the data to manage your store easily.
  • It’s available worldwide and supports over 100 currencies and any language too.



A significant advantage of this platform is that it is free forever. You can learn how to use the platform from the blog, community, podcast, guides, and tutorials. You can create your demo version of your online store to ensure it works before the official launch.

Ecwid also helps you with digital marketing. Now you can manage your online business with the help of social media and SEO tools, and you can manage it from different devices.

  • The usage plan is free forever.
  • You can create a demo version of your store.
  • This platform is integrated with the support team with whom you can have a live chat.
  • You can manage your store from your online store.
Pricing Plan
  • Free plan: $0
  • Venture: $15
  • Business: $35
  • Unlimited: $99

If you are a beginner, you can start from scratch and reach the unlimited, with no budget and a free plan, and scale your business.


Vendasta may not be the easiest to use nor the most affordable either. But it stands at the top of the list because of its all-in-one platform and the ability to focus on local businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

The platform offers you everything you need, from white labeling to data snapshots to advanced sales tools. Vendasta is used for different purposes as an eCommerce platform or a marketplace where you can find products to sell or a market where you can sell your software to business owners.

  • It offers solutions for different types of businesses and roles;
  • You can use the platform features but under your brand;
  • The marketing professionals can offer you guidance that you could use to your advantage
  • You can organize payments, and tasks on the same platform
  • You can utilize the marketplace if you don’t have your product to sell.

Vendasta has different pricing plans.

  • Individual plan: $119
  • Team plan: $579
  • Advance plan: $1,159

For those Vendasta, you need a global mindset but a local purchase attitude. The free trial is available to test the Vendasta platform for B2C and B2B sales.

Adobe Commerce

A platform that benefits from Magento technology is Adobe Commerce. Adobe Commerce benefits from the Adobe Experience Cloud. With this platform, you have two options available to you.

  • Adobe Commerce is a fully customizable and easy-to-use platform under a license.
  • Magento Open Source is free, but you need to know to code.

This ability to choose makes Adobe’s solution for eCommerce one of the most flexible solutions. That’s why Brands like HP are using it.

  • It’s fully customizable
  • You can design your store.
  • You can customize the experience of your clients
  • You can get business insights and customize data the way you want
  • You can manage your product recommendations;
  • Add-ons like currencies, languages, and integrations are easy with this eCommerce platform
  • With Adobe commerce, you can decide where you want to sell your products online or in physical stores.
  • Magenta Open Source is free for users.
  • The prices of Adobe Commerce are based on Businesses’ Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV).

Whether you have coding skills or not, Adobe Commerce’s limits are only your imagination. You can contact the sales team and discover what Adobe can do for your business.

Zoho Commerce


Thanks to different features developed by Zoho, you can get everything you need to integrate it quickly into your business.

With Zoho Commerce, you can build a website, have a branded address with the email service, choose the email templates, build your store from scratch, manage the store, and analyze data

  • Email and SEO marketing are available.
  • You also have automation tools available at your disposal
  • There is an availability of affordable plans
  • You have different payments gateways to meet your customers’ needs
  • Opportunity to easily migrate to other eCommerce platforms if you wish to move.
  • Starter plan: 22 pounds
  • Professional plan: 60 pounds
  • Advanced 140 pounds

You can start a thirty-day free trial with no credit card required to manage every aspect of your business.


When searching for the best eCommerce platform for your business, you are looking for something that makes it easy to buy and sell products and services online.

Ecommerce platforms allow you to have an online business that is fully functional and compliant with regulations of the areas where you wish to run your eCommerce site. It also provides you with all that you need to cooperate with the back-end and front-end operations that are required for the store.

If the first step of having a business is having a plan, then you need the tools to reach your goals. The best eCommerce platform is Shopify, but we have suggested the other top 6 that can suit any online entrepreneur’s needs.

Each platform gives you tools from marketing to intuitive design to shipping to tax integration. But the most important is data; with it, you will always be ahead of the competition.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is the second best overall eCommerce site on the web. More prominent retail brands benefit from its robust product search engine. It’s a marvelous initiative for people who want to transition and expand their physical store into an online one or just want to start an eCommerce platform.

Can you have an eCommerce store in Dubai?

Through different social media networks, you can carry out multiple business activities. This is possible with the help of an eCommerce license in Dubai. You can work with a local distributor if you own a free zone license. You can start trading products and services directly to the local market with a mainland license.

Is online selling legal in the UAE?

Yes. It is legal to sell a product or a service in the UAE. However, you must have a suitable license to start your own business in the UAE. To start a business online in Dubai, you must have a business license.

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