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With so many free zones available in the UAE, you must choose the right one for your business. We set up your business in the correct free zone to line up for the best business success. 

Your Company formation begins now

There’s a lot of information out there, and you need to consider the best choice that will meet your business needs whether it’s location, price, business type, Flexi-desk or office options, auditing accounts, bookkeeping or sharing capital requirements, and so much more.  

This is where the Fairway Team walks you through each step in the process. We make the right decisions for your business, saving money and keeping you stress-free.

What exactly is a Free Zone?

A geographical jurisdiction which permits you to conduct an established trading activity or activities in the UAE. To set up a business in Dubai’s Free zones, you require a license and the license in Dubai and the UAE are given based on the specified business activity of the company.

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The Pros of setting up your business in a free zone 
  • 100% Ownership of your business

The main bonus point when it comes to ownership in a Free Zone is that international investors can own 100% of their business without needing a local partner.  

  • License for your business

Depending on your business’s category, you may be required to receive certain approvals from authorities. Our business specialists will take you through each step and inform you of the requirements to start your business. You can chat with our business specialists today to find out more.

  • Financial Incentives

Some of the incentives you will enjoy if you set up your business here in the UAE free zones are a 0% corporate and income tax rate, no customs duties levied on imports and exports, and the option to retain 100% of your business capital and profits. 

  • Sector-specific

Another bonus point for companies established in the free zone is that they are sector-specific. So entrepreneurs can gain access to tons of knowledge and expertise from others in the specified field. 

Fairway’s Business SetUp Process is simple

Undertaking a business set up in Dubai is easy, simple and straightforward with Fairway Group. We assist you in starting your own business in a free zone or on the mainland. 

Step 1: We will guide you through each step and inform you about your whereabouts in the business setup journey.

Step 2: We do all the boring stuff for you so that you are stress-free and are up to date with the information on the aspects of the business. 

Step 3: Fairway Group makes sure the process is fast and ensures you complete business success.
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